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a hunter is someone who knows how to live off the land
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    May i join in? Here is my SU.

    Name:Mikash Blinov (The Sovereign Hunter)


    Age (at least 16, but no older than 35): 18

    Appearance (at least one full paragraph. You may add a picture, but I still want a written description as well):Mikash is about 6'2. He is usually wearing chain mail armor. He carries his brothers bow ''bow of searing arrows'' and his brothers katana''Defender of the hunt ''. Mikash straps the bow to his back and sheaths his katana on his belt when hes not using them. He has long dark hair with slight wave to it. He pulls it back in a ponytail. He has blue eyes.and has a muscular body.

    Personality (at least one full paragraph. I may ask for more if I'm not satisfied):Mikash is at home in the wilderness and has a special affinity for all creatures.He likes to practice with his bow. He usually is a lone wolf. He camps alone and hunts alone. He likes to shoot his bow at targets and track down creatures and sword fight a practice dummy for entertainment. He is very friendly to his allies. when in danger Mikash will use his surroundings to help fight or for defense he would rather use his magic for emergencies only he is able to make weapons out of wood and rock if needed for a spare weapon or for throwing weapons if in the right terrain. In defense the hunter will want to climb as high as he can to shoot his targets at a terrific rate of speed.

    History (At least two full paragraphs. I may ask for more if I'm not satisfied. If you've already met your dragon, include how you met it.

    When Mikash was a young boy around the age of 4, there was a home invasion due to his fathers debts with the village thugs. His father directed Mikash's mother to help the children escape on their horse. As the horse (with the boys) was racing away, Genistiege turned back to look and saw their mother brutally murderd by the raiders. He knew then that their father had gone before her.

    When Mikash was six his brother Genisteige told stories about dragons and there tamers and how dragons choose there masters when hatching. When Mikash was eight his older brother Genistiege taught him how to how live off the land and survive in the wild and how to fight with a sword,he also taught him the move parry counter . When Mikash was twelve Genistiege left to go hunting while Mikash was learning how to become a leather worker Mikash knew he had a secret but didn't bother to ask since he knew Genisteige wouldn't tell him anyway. Genistiege disappeared one day while out hunting for food.Mikash went looking for Genistiege. Mikash realized Genistiege was mauled by a bear. He buried him with a sad heart, Mikash never talked about him from that day forward. All Mikash had left to remember his brother by was his brothers katana and his long bow. When Mikash was sixteen he had studied about first aid and learned what herbs to use to heal wounds and how to make bandages to stop the wound from bleeding and how to fight in any terrain

    Mikash has improved his accuracy with his bow by shooting at targets. He runs daily to keep his stamina up. He climbed trees to improve his agility and his strength. When he is not working on strength or cardio, he spends his time fencing with inanimate objects. Since Mikash lives in a field, he does all of his training in the outskirts of Raddyn

    Because of Mikash’s history with loosing his family, and being on his own, he developed matchless skills in hunting and tracking and fighting. He grew to be independent, self-governing, and determines his own outcome and destiny. He is called the Sovereign Hunter by many that have known him or have known of him.

    Occupation (how do you make a living? This could range from being a thief to being a rich nobleman.):Mikash hunts and is a leather worker and knows adaptive first aid.

    Spells known (include a description of how the spells work and what they do. Remember, nothing too powerful. If your character doesn't know any spells, leave this blank):

    Chimera shot:A spell that inflicts weak damage and poisons the target.

    Serpent sting: A shot that causes temporary paralysis.

    Wyvern sting shot: A spell that puts enemies to a brief sleep.

    Silencing shot: A Spell that interrups certain spells depending on how strong they are.

    Explosive trap:A trap with a spell that makes a weak explosion and is effective in a 1 yard radius.

    Ice trap: A trap with a spell that puts ice on the ground and slows the enemy down.(does not work in hot areas.)

    stun trap: A trap armed with a spell that stuns enemies for a short time.

    parry counter: blocks the enemies attack temporarily stunning them for a quick strike.

    Dragon Species:earth Drake



    Age (adolescent, adult, or ancient)adolesent

    Description (at least one full paragraph. You may add a picture, but I still want a written description):Invincible is a brown drake with a hint of red color on his wings.His eye color is orange.He has a large spiked tail and long razor sharp claws. He has spikes on his nose and neck. He has a scar on his back.

    Personality (at least one full paragraph. I may ask for more if I'm not satisfied):Invincible is a mischievous dragon. He likes to explore and discover new things.He really likes to help out others as best he can. If hes in danger he will use his tail as a club to kill his enemies. He really likes to live in caves and hunts for food during the night.

    RP sample:

    Ryolu releases the buck into the wild. As he watched it bound off He starts to remember when he found the fawn and came to care for it. Ryolu grabbed his bow after flinging on his camouflage clothing and strode out the door, prepared for a day of hunting. Not long after leaving his cabin, he spotted a buck grazing. He drew his bow and lifted it, ready to shoot. After taking careful aim, he loosed the arrow and the buck crumbled to the ground. As he approached the dead beast, something hidden in a nearby bush caught his eye; on closer inspection, he identified it as a fawn crouching in the leaves. Feeling bad for the fawn since he had just killed what must have been its father, he waited for its mom to come out. The doe never showed up so he took the fawn with him as he dragged the buck's carcass behind him. A cougar pounced out of the bushes and landed on the young buck. Ryolu realizes the buck couldn't defend itself. Ryolu draws his bow and shoots the cougar in the leg. The cougar fell of the deer and pounced at Ryolu as the the cougar pounced the Buck skewers the cougar. Ryolu was grateful for the deer that saved his life and went home.
    Somewhere in Elwynn Forest I am needed, My friends and I pledged to King Varian Wrynn Ill do my best to help the alliance win the war against the horde. And as a result if I am to die to protect the people of the alliance from the dreaded horde then make it so. shield against shield sword against sword, No matter what I lay my life on the line of war. For the alliance!

    My RP character:Mikhash
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