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Oh, we're allowing games that aren't from 2012 now? OK, my vote goes to Super Mario Bros. 3. Even though it wasn't released in 2012, it was released late in the 20th century, so I think it should count.

Sarcasm aside, I didn't like many of the games I played last year. Most ranged from mediocre to disappointing. I'm really liking Pokemon Black 2 so far, but I'm not done with it yet (I only started last week). Spec Ops: The Line was kind of a neat deconstruction of its own genre, but it suffers from a few major problems (railroading being the worst of those).

I'll have to give it to The Walking Dead or Katawa Shoujo. Both were barely even games at all, but at least they connected with me on some kind of emotional level. Pretty much everything else was somewhere between "decent" and "utter garbage."

On a side note, there were a few games I wanted to play but didn't get a chance to. XCOM was probably foremost of those.
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