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    Umm... I can depict what your getting at with Raticate and Furret,and maybe Noctowl, but the last two are kind of... unrelated to their pre-evolved forms. Theirs a few things you also gotta consider AFTER they evolve. For example, a normal/ghost type be immune to normal, fighting, and ghost, which make him WAY too powerful already. Then Mightyena, which is based on a wolf, suddenly gets 2 heads...? And on top of that all the ones you mentioned are the ones you get REAL early in the game, which breaks the tradition that the series set up.

    But I gotta admit the Noctowl idea seems like a reasonable idea that can be implemented. If it evolved at an earlier level then it can act as Staraptor's Defensive equivalent. Furret evo also seems like another cool idea.

    Also, do you have these ideas sketched out somewhere? I can't wrap my head around a Raticate evolution. Right now I'm picturing a giant rat mixed with Nidoking.
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