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    @David: If you missed it: Accepted!

    @KingKaos: Tamers fighting is fine, but as I said before the tamers won't have that Data Squad power punch thing. At least not in the Human world. Come to think of it, they made such a big deal about mind over matter in the third season, but they didn't even once try having the tamers fight (yeah I know they're kids but still). I think I'm going to allow enhanced strength in the Digital World to be able to match the strength of weaker Ultimate digimon just to one-up their concepts. Suck on it Season 3!! And you too Season 1; I remember what you did!

    ... well now that we've fleshed out more ideas for the roleplay, any ideas for Corrupted Megas? I have two but I figured I'd let you guys voice out some ideas. :B

    EDIT: @Fuyu: I have no problems with it; sounds like the face of bravery to me. My assumption is that Bakura, Kaiba and Dontae are relatively close by to each other since each post implies that each of them are around the front-line (Dontae's passed out inside a building and buried from the waist down in rubble, so maybe she can get Paopao to revive him); at least that would make it easier :b
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