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Originally Posted by KitsuneLugia96 View Post
I like Lugia and Ho-Oh a lot. Ho-Oh is one of my favorite Pokemon, but Lugia is my number 1 favorite. So I choose Lugia! :D
People are presenting some good arguments! I have a few questions though :3. Why is Lugia your number 1 favourite Pokemon? Is its design appealing to you, just a badass Pokemon in general, typing, it's role in a movie? What makes Lugia your favourite <3? If you don't mind me asking :3, however if you prefer not to answer that's perfectly and always fine! And also what do you like about Ho-oh too make it one of your favourites? <3.

I've always had some sort of troubles on deciding which one is my favourite. They're not like the other pair of legendaries, which I can pick one easily and without a second thought.

I like both designs and maybe what it could disappoint me a bit it's the type combination of Lugia, but it's actually no problem, I still like it.

Since I always like to answer what it's asked in threads like this, I will go with Ho-oh for one only reason: maybe the storyline fits a lot more with Ho-oh rather than with Lugia. It seems like they made Ho-oh first and thought everything about what its storyline could be, and then came Lugia and they made something up very quickly - because I don't know what you think but, it's really weird to see the Kimono girls in the deepest of an island summoning a monster of the sea (at least it sounds weirder than the Kimono girls in the top of a tower summoning a bird of the sky.)
This I agree with :3! I've always found it easy picking out a favourite legendary out of a duo or trio, but for Ho-oh and Lugia it's a completely different case. I find it mind numbingly hard sometimes to choose and my mind often can't make up, I love both of their designs! Ho-oh being the beautiful colours of the Rainbow and its storyline I have to agree makes much more sense, the Kimono Girls look like they more fit into Ho-oh's plot honestly. A tower and Kimono Girls makes much more sense then them deep in an island...what would they be doing there?

Although I love Lugia, but sometimes I honestly believe it should be Water/Flying, Ho-oh just makes more sense to me and I love its design much more, so Ho-oh was always my favourite too <3.
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