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    I'm not 100% sure of settings on Mediafire, whether someone can just google the main words to something plus the word 'Mediafire' So: Pokemon: Pokecommunity Version Week 2 Progress Mediafire' And get the link like that, or if you can set it to private so only given links access it.

    We could start with the average RBY plot, and generally add things to it yes, just we'd need to again, have a say in from anyone involved whether the last submitted idea is a good'un or not.

    The only need for public debate would be the first few (6... maybe?) people to contribute, then it will be people who submit themselves to the project added to a queue. Bare in mind the queue may get long, if the project got too popular and known.

    The only need for script editing would be to add feature to benefit gameplay, but that can wait a along time, till required I guess.

    That suggestion would bad, most of mine would be x3 but after 2 years on a game development course, they make you try to see thing in the way a Game Dev company would, the game is passed round between groups when they would.

    But, your idea seems to be a bit better, and I hope I've not thrown you off this idea :/ with my idea.
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