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    Name: Darklix-
    Partners: Litwick & Gastly
    Why Ghosts?: They, so far, have been the most interesting Pokemon to me. I love how they are spooky and the way Litwick can burn other Pokemon really amuses me for some reason. In Pokemon white I started to experiment with the ghost types and I loved usuing them and now they are my favorite type of Pokemon to use. No words can explain how much a love them, they are just mysterious :D

    Current topic: what my partners are like: I believe Litwick and gastly are unique. Litwick because it's flame is purple, and I think that is pretty cool since its a fire type too and it's not the usual red color. Also because Litwick lights the place up with his flame while secretly sucking the life out of you, haha. I think Litwick is also one of those silent but deadly Pokemon because, in my opinion, he looks cute with the one flaming eye showing and his little smile. And Gastly can slip into any place it wants, considering its made of gas too. Gastly seems to be one of those little pranksters too.

    I really hope I can join this club. Thank you!