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    Hey guys, still thinking up a name, i should have something by next tuesday!
    as for my game, I've been working on imporving what i already have so far, such as fixing graphics, solidifying events, planning new ones, and most importantly finding good music!
    I have been working hard on fixing the music stuff, the stupid MIDI format music takes ages to load, so i've been searching, and converting music from many games all in mp3 format which loads very quickly, almost instantly! there will be a new download with my bran-spankin' new game that loads a million times faster! and sounds great!
    other than that, the biggest news is I'm working on graphicalizing the B&W pokemon into forms that flow with the current style (ie) having cut-off backsprites like classic pokemon games, however THAT DONT SUCK
    there are many resources (most notably the one that comes with Pokemon Essentials) however they look so bad >.< I cant even look at them x.x so i'm working on my own for a while, i'll be randomly adding them to the game, so keep an eye out ;D

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