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Everyone should bear in mind that Ash isn't the one writing the script making himself an ignorant trainer upon entering a new region. And replacing him wouldn't accomplish what you look for. It would just be a different person then after the next Generation then you have to ask yourself now what? If they have Ash leave then at least progress him.

Originally Posted by digimonqueen View Post
i like Cilan. Brock...bleh. never really liked him. but i got all excited when i saw B/W season 2 and N! if they get rid of Cilan and/or Ash, i am gonna stop watching Pokemon FOREVER. Screw Iris, she's odd. i mean, WHAT trainer sends her NEWLY CAUGHT Dragonite out in a major battle against her RIVAL!?!?! I like Cilan 'cause he is interesting, he's WAY more mature than Brock, AND he DOESN'T go all ga-ga over GIRLS like BROCK did *shudder*. Also, i think Ash HAS matured in Unova. at least a little bit.
She was probably trying to prove a point to Georgia seeing as Dragonite is a Dragon type after all and Georgia is a proclaimed "Dragon Buster". Ash has matured in Unova? I guess this is after he de-matured after Sinnoh lol. Since I remember him being quite inventive with his strategies then, now you can't say that much.

Also too everyone posting, lets not turn this into another Ash centric topic. The question asks what happens to the ANIME yes that would be the series as a whole not just a single character.

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