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So as we know in the Unova games, making money was REALLY easy, making the games a lot easier. With so many high selling items everywhere, regenerating items and players you could rematch over and over in the sequels, running out of money really wasn't an issue. This leads to the question as to whether we really need all that money, and whether it ruins the "realistic" experience, because in real life, logically everyone can't really be that rich.

Now the only ways I can see this changing are if they devalue the worth of items in Unova, have less Nuggets even - maybe just one in the games, or alternatively... have trainer rematches but for 100 wins to be worth a medal, or something taking note of what you've done, rather than money. Having to actually work for money would make the games somewhat of a more real experience, whereas the Unova games were way too easy with this, and nothing else was more expensive either, so it was like inflation but without the other effects. It was crazy!

So, would you like to see less ways to make money in these games given the Unova games' overkill? If so, would you suggest any of the above ideas, or your own? Or would you rather keep it how it was in the previous games? Why? Discuss!

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