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Oh, mother of mercy, let me count the things that get on my nerves:

- Gun control debates (both sides)
- People on both sides of the debates putting words into the mouths of 200+ year old corpses.
- Abortion debates (again, both sides)
- Religion
- People who drive slow in the left lane
- People who drive slow in the right lane
- People who drive slow on the highway, PERIOD.
- People who hold up traffic (these are usually the same people who do the above three things)
- Fox News
- Democrats
- Republicans
- Pop music
- People not liking it when I swear.
- People thinking nu-metal, metalcore, deathcore are actual metal.
- People who relate metal to "screaming."
- People who relate metal to "screamo" (they're not the same genre, so knock it off)
- Skyrim "Arrow-in-the-knee" jokes.
- Lack of record stores in any living area
- Lack of porn stores in any living area
- Vegan nazis
- The people who made the Scary Movie franchise
- The War on Terror
- When I move to let someone through, s/he moves to the mirror side so we're STILL blocking each other.
- People who begin stating their opinion with "well, in my opinion." Seriously, we already know it's your opinion based on the fact that you typed it or it came out of that gaping hole you call your mouth.
- People being taller than me
- People having whiter teeth than me.
- People who wear their pants down to near their ankles or wear their caps sideways or backwards
- People who laugh awkwardly
- People who tell me to calm down (I'll "calm down" when you or the world stops doing things that annoy me)
- Pious Europeans/Canadians/Asians/Whatever (yeah, my country has it's problems. So does yours)
- Claiming the Star Wars prequels were better than the original trilogy
- Claiming Ocarina of Time is anything but the best Zelda game ever. (Okay, I'm kidding, this one only gets me 25% annoyed)
- Claiming there was only [insert number of generations of Pokemon here] generation(s) of Pokemon and the rest don't exist.
- Neo-nazis
- Feminist nazis
- Crappy songs that somehow get stuck in my head.
- Waiting in line
- Having to wait in line because someone is holding it up.
- Being put on hold for a long time
- People showing off their iPhone apps or ringtones (I don't care, so stop it)
- People who ask me if I think they're ugly/fat (what do you want me to say? "Yes"?)
- When my cats fight.
- Anything by Dreamworks
- Disney continually relying on Pixar to remain decent.

I could go on forever, so I'll stop right here.
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