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    Ok so, Karatekid522 and i were figuring out a way we could do shadow pokemon!
    And I thought of an idea that might Just work!

    #dynamic 0x700000

    #org @begin
    trainerbattle 0x3 0x001 0x0 @intro @defeat
    msgbox @afterwards
    callstd msg_normal
    special 0x187
    compare LASTRESULT 2
    if == jump 0x81A7AE0
    special 0x188
    pause 0x14
    playsound 0x156 0x0
    setflag 0x807
    special 0x138
    clearflag 0x807
    special2 0x800D 0xB4
    compare LASTRESULT 1
    if == jump 0x8162558
    compare LASTRESULT 4
    if == jump 0x8162561
    compare LASTRESULT 5
    if == jump 0x8162561
    setflag 0x200
    #org @intro
    = I will defeat you!

    #org @defeat
    = You're in for it!

    #org @afterwards
    = Face the wrath of my shadow pokemon!!!

    What I've tried to do is to make a normal trainerbattle, Then add a wild pokemon at the end.. With a message (Face the wrath of my shadow pokemon!!!!)
    Just improvising.. This worked
    However we had a few errors
    error 1: You can escape pokemon wild battles!!! So we found an ability that keeps you within the battle, this was (Arena trap! ability of trapinch)

    (We couldnt fix this one) PLS HELP US HERE!
    Error 2
    it says wild pokemon taillow appeared
    Is there a way you can modify what it says.. That way it would look like it said Shadow pokemon tailow appeared??? Pls answer soon!!!
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    This will be created By my team.
    Team: Shadow Pokemon.

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