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    Originally Posted by Puppeteer Mask View Post
    I'm going to say that the Poison type deserves a much needed overhaul, only being able to hit grass types for super effective damage and even then only sporadically. The introduction of the Steel type as well as the fact that bug types are no longer weak against them really hurt them bad. I could probably think of a few pokemon types that could be weak to poison that aren't. The Poison and Rock types are the only types to yet have their own dedicated legendary, if I remember correctly, but I think Poison types have gotten it worse considering the rock type has gotten several wonderful gifts over the generations, including that darned gamebreaking Stealth Rock. There are plenty of Poison type pokemon that would be downright great if they made the poison type a genuinely viable attacking option.
    There is Regirock as far as legendaries goes. On the subject of poison I do believe that the super effect damage against bug should be returned AND I think it would be an okay idea to add super effective damage against fighting types. Fighting types could use another weakness imo since they only currently have 2 but are also super effective toward 5 types. The only other type super effective against 5 types is ground and it has 3 weaknesses. The only justification I have for poison being super effective against fighting (outside of posion resisting fighting) would be that fighting types would move the poison through thier system faster due to the natural physical exertion is battle.
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