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    “Thank you so much, my dear!’ The Mayor exclaimed excitedly, her preprogrammed tone just about bubbling over with vivaciousness. They really went all out on giving these characters believable emotions, maybe too well in fact. This particular character herself was a bit grating in Solomon’s eyes. A little too cheerful, a little too....he didn’t really know. Just something not quite right, too maternal? Like the character was trying too hard to be a role model. It was a silly thought, one not becoming him in the slightest. A character couldn’t be anything more than what it was. Like humans in most respects. They were all products of nurture, nature and environment. People simply are what they are, and that in itself is something that did cause Solomon the slightest disappointment. “Here, I insist you take this!”

    [You have received a PokéGear!]

    “Yeah, great...” Solomon answered her sarcastically. “This will truly prove invaluable with the numerous people I intend to keep in contact with,” he continued. Tossing it into his front coat pocket, he thumbed the device on with his hand. If his memory served him right, sarcastic comments aside, the device had proved useful in previous Pokemon games. Trainers calling about swarms and all other bits of info. Of course, it often served as a constant nuisance for the Youngster Joey(s) of the world to call and pester him about their love of shorts. Not a particular prospect he distinctly looked forward to. “Let me guess, I assume your number is preprogrammed into it?”

    “Of course it is, dear!” The Mayor beamed back at him with a disturbingly radiant smile.

    “Oh joy.” He sighed and looked to Umbra who seemingly was paying him little attention, her rapt focus being on the city around them. “I’ll be leaving now.” Solomon gave a dismissive wave and walked off without much circumstance, the next eager quest seeker quickly taking his place. “Glad that’s over with.” He looked down to his Sneasel who was still a few paces behind him, completely caught up in the other people around them. She liked people, Umbra did. Her eyes lit up brighter when there were more of them around. Solomon knew that she was happy to be around him, but he saw something different when he was with the two girls earlier. Krissu and Ange. Umbra had lingered when he had already departed, something she didn’t have a large predisposition to doing. The pink one especially. Maybe it was just the hair? Or was it the fact that they were female? ‘Allegedly’ female, he corrected himself. Who knew what forty year old virgins they really are? Then again, it wasn’t like he had some extensive, knowledgable love history. It bothered him not at all, unlike most people.

    His mind actually lingered on the subject more than he had intended it to. Before he knew it, he found himself back on Route 30 and on the precipice of Route 31. Something caught his eye as he stopped and looked off into the distance. It was one of the few times another trainer had caught his eye. No, it wasn’t the trainer, but its Pokemon. A young avatar was bumbling along, a small Teddiursa nipping at his heels. Now that was an interesting Pokemon to see around here. He had heard about them being in the dark cave to the north, but supposedly, you were better off not even trying to find them due to the impenetrable darkness. Something compelled him to investigate the trainer further.

    “You there, boy.” He called out in a flat, almost monotone way. “Where did you get that Teddiursa?” Solomon asked rhetorically, trying to create some false rapport.

    “Oh?” The boy paused and turned to face his inquisitor. “The dark cave, I guess you could say I’m pretty lucky. This little fellow was just sitting there right by the entrance. I tripped over him and well, here he is!” The proud trainer boasted to him.

    “There is no such thing as luck,” Solomon answered him. Teddiursa was a fairly competent Pokemon in its own right, but even more so upon evolution. Few Pokemon could match it in sheer muscle. With the right strategy, it could be a fearsome combatant. “If there was,” he continued. “I’m afraid that yours has dried up.” Solomon didn’t even really now what was happening, but he just had to have the Teddiursa, right now. How? Weren’t there mechanics in place to prevent theft? Or did this game play by a different set of rules? Only one way to find out. “I must ask that you give me the bear. Do so, and nobody gets hurt.”

    “Ha, very funny.” The boy laughed at him as if it really was a joke. Solomon hated being laughed at.

    “This is not a time for levity.” Solomon looked him up and down appraisingly. Three pokeballs on the hip holster. That means he had two more Pokemon that weren’t in the field. Solomon could take down one, show that he meant business and take the Teddiursa. That would still leave the trainer with one Pokemon and prevent him from whiting out. “Now, hand over the pokeball for that Teddiursa, if you’d be so kind.”

    “Dude, you’re crazy!”

    “Oh yes, truly you posses the wit of a certified genius. As if I haven't been called that before. Umbra, ready?” The Sneasel just nodded, but she didn’t seem quite so sure about what her master was ready to be doing. “Just like the wild battles, stay tight and listen.”

    “You know what, fine!” The anonymous trainer recalled the prized bear and pulled off another ball from his hip. “Pidgey, go! Seems like we have to fight off this loon. Standard rules right, we agree to leave at least one Pokemon for the loser?”

    “I agree to no such terms,” he bluffed.