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Flu season. Oh man, flu season.

Since I work and live in a retirement community, every day and night for the past few months has been about the intensity of this flu season. The entire staff had to get flu shots, we encouraged family members of the residents to get them, and we offered them to the residents in every form we possibly could. Our biggest method was to send a small busload of people to get them, but we also offered them in one of the public buildings. A lot of residents who were in worse shape were eligible to have people from a home health agency come and give them shots in their own homes. Still, from what I've heard we still had a few people who flat-out refused to get vaccinated for whatever reasons. At that point it's out of our hands since we can't force them.

We haven't had any deaths or staff illnesses yet (resident illnesses are common regardless of the season), so that's good. I definitely agree with the notion that it's not as serious as it seems, though. It's just another flu season and it caught some people off guard.
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