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    I'd like to take this opportunity to go to the subject of Pokémon GX. You see, it's a fanfiction anime-esque Pokemon series, and it's an adaption to the Pokemon Black & White anime, only that there are a lot of differences.

    Pokemon GX differences:
    1) Lucario (WOOT!), May, Manaphy (He and May deserve each other! ), Max, Jirachi (Same for Max and Jirachi), Dawn, Piplup, Shaymin (Shaymin would've made a fine addition to Dawn's team) Brock, Paul (Yes, Paul), Molly Hale, Teddiursa and Entei (a real live one that talks just like the one from the movie) go with Ash, Pikachu, Iris, Axew and Cilan in Unova. In traveling, Molly would ride on Entei. And in an homage to Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sir Aaron would become one with Ash as a Yami form.
    2) Max and Molly become Pokémon Trainers for the first time ever! Yay for them! :D
    3) The main girl trainer from Black & White, whom I call Kathie, joins with Ash's team on the journey as well.
    4) With Kathie seen at the beginning of the series, Bianca would be seen, too, along with Cheren.
    5) While Trip would beat Ash in his first battle easily, he will also find a rival in Paul, who's a lot more powerful than him.
    6) Team Plasma would be seen more frequently than in the anime, their appearances based on the BW games.
    7) With the Team Rocket trio going series and high tech (for almost the entire B&W series), another Team Rocket group would do the rhyming, frequent stealing, bungling and blasting off; a new division of Team Rocket as Team Rocket Galactic with six members; Bruce, Wayne, Jodi, Dom, Anna Nicole and Michael.
    The division is made to honor and disgrace the disbanded Team Galactic at the same time. Of course, just like the TR trio, TR Galactic is neutral.
    8) N would not only interact with Kathie about Pokémon at times, but he would also interact with the rest of her friends in the group.
    9) After first hearing of what Team Plasma claimed about what humans do to Pokemon, Paul would be unsure about releasing his Pokemon, but Ash and the gang would convince him not to at all, reminding him of how crazy Team Plasma is.
    10) Any Pokemon that were temporarily used by the main gang, gets actually captured and added to their rosters.
    11) Meloetta will permanently join Ash and the gang by being another one of Ash's Pokémon.
    12) MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! Ash will win the Unova League unlike the Top 8 in the real anime.
    (More as I develop)

    13) Unlike the original anime and the B&W2 games that take place differently, Cheren will not be a gym leader. Also, the main boy and girl trainers, who I named Cole and Sarah, will be involved in Pokemon GX with the latter joining Ash's group.

    Also, do you remember the region known as Orre in Pokémon Colosseum? I'm planning on giving it its own gym leaders and badges and other stuff. And best of all, not only are pokémon of ALL regions in there, but a huge number of new ones. Not sure exactly how many I would put there, but I know that it'll be a lot.

    Now then, I would like everyone to tell me what you all think of Pokémon GX and my ideas for it. Please, no negative feedback or insults. Thank you.

    Please touch my Pokemons and eggs, Thanks!
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