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mmm gurl that 90s
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  1. Grovyle. Just 'cause. Don't question me…he's…ugh idk really
  2. Pichu. I would love to be just running around like him!
  3. Axew. Another cutie! <3
  4. Zorua. So much cute!
  5. Snivy. Badass tbh.
  6. Dwebble. More cute!
  7. Oshawott. Cute, yet again. I just want to be cute in life, don't I?
  8. Nuzleaf. Badass yet cute!
  9. Fennikin. Cute!
  10. Froakie. Keroppi is fun!
did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
o i forgot 5