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Originally Posted by .EJ View Post
Getting shinies through swarms? It'd be really interesting but it has to be extremely rare and random. I'm afraid of how easy it could be to hack or exploit.
Yeah with the chance of so many shinies, I wouldn't like it to be set in stone that everything in a swarm is a shiny, but only if certain conditions are met, kind of like certain things in the past and the lotto etc.

Originally Posted by iAzire View Post
We need more ways to get hidden abilities and I don't care how. Hidden grottoes sucked because they next to never restock and I've never found a Pokemon in one except the very first time I visited. Even then not all contained Pokemon. So having the Outbreak Pokemon with an equal chance of spawning with any of it's abilities (including hidden) seems fair to me.
If you go to them over and over you'd have gotten great stuff :3 Took me a while before I got my DW Poliwhirl, DW Breloom etc. :x But nevertheless, I like the idea of equal, I just figured all or nothing but to have that chance I'd desperately run to swarms often lmao.

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