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I could be here for hours

-being forced to do stuff people should do themselves
-people not shutting up about their problems
- Bratty kids( I count a kid being ages 5-12)
- Gangham style (shut up and it die)
- People stopping in the middle of the shopping aisles to chat to their friends
- touchie feelly people
- Parents who blame their kids misbaviour on ADHD
- the british media
- being forced to spend time with family
- Snowdays ( I never had heard of them growing up)
- Teachers( PM me to find why)
- parents thinking their kids are more important that yours
- CoD/CoD haters ( just shut about it)
- People making you cancel important plans
- boys who wouldn't flush the toilet
- people who talk through films/tv programs ( and when you talk when they want to watch tv tell you to shut up)
- People who bring a screaming kid on a flight and don't do anything to calm the kid
- Those people who make fun of Disabled people
- people who decide to hang around all day
- kids screaming in supermarkets and the parent/carer wouldn't calm the kid

I told you I have a lot
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