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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
I'm surprised most of you don't want to make it a little harder! Personally I figure it's like... working for it. Back in the early days of Pokemon we did have to fight for what we wanted and work hard to reach to where we wanted to get to (and money, too!) Now we just get it handed to us. Wouldn't it be more rewarding if you only got money after fighting really hard, putting all your effort in, and morally I think that would be a great lesson to teach the younger players. To fight for what you want, and not just get it because you think you're entitled to it, imo at least.
I would like it to be more challenging to get money. It makes you budget more and think about what you're buying. Not like in B2/W2 where I use about 50 Max Repels a day and not think twice and then just earn fortunes at the Black Tower/White Treehollow.
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