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    In the Japanese version of the anime, they did have Kudari (Emmet) talk in a more casual, buddy-buddy, sometimes bordering on rude manner ( like in the manga... he's unintentionally rude, it seems ^^; ) and Nobori (Ingo) always spoke in an exceptionally polite and formal manner, also like in the games, but for some reason, the dub didn't carry that over and just made them both speak in a rather generic way with no quirks, it seems. ^^;;;

    Kudari calls everyone "-kun," while Nobori calls everyone "-sama" to show great respect and makes the speaker sound very humble compared to the one he or she is speaking to. The latter is actually more appropriate to use when addressing patrons and customers, whereas "-kun"... isn't, really, and is only slightly less childish than calling everyone "-chan". xD;;

    ... so, yeah! o/
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