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    Maruno rotation idea seems interesting, but I thinks that the big problem are that one week can be too much/little to do certain things, may generates problems with continuity, and is too serial. The most effective (in my vision) are some groups with:

    Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
    But then, that's basically the over Game Team.
    But we could have different classes like;
    • Mappers
    • Scripters
    • Spriters
    • Event Makers
    • Concept Artists
    • Story and Plotters

    and have them form a group every week, So one week is based on mapping, the next is scripting.
    But Concepting and Spriting can be done when required as it's not AS big of an job.
    In parallel instead of per week.

    Each group have a leader and maybe coordinators, with the main development team and only the main leader of main development (who needs to be very active) needs edit the main project. The key is to make separate and parallel things, like sprites that, with a group leader that manage people to don't do the same thing (rework is a great enemy), works very well in parallel, even with dozens of people. With maps and script may work with copy/paste the file/script changes. The main leader only needs to combine everything and done one thing or other, like events, and even may do with models done for other people. Maybe the leader launch some builds (maybe open source) every 1-3 months to the group have a model to follow. Of corse, some people can be in more than one grop at same time.

    The project will remain as long that exist people with interest and a minimun skill to pass the torch forward, keeping an active project holder.

    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    I've had this thought too. It'll be very difficult to pull off, though.

    If you go for the "one leader/coordinator, everyone else contributes", then it's practically no different to any other fangame being made. The "contributions" will only be vague suggestions, meaning no actual work will get done except by the leader, who will inevitably give up once they realise they're stuck doing everything by themselves. Also, the community will never agree on anything (plot/pacing/Pokémon/mapping/etc.), so no progress will be made there anyway unless someone (the leader) takes charge and defines a direction - in which case, again, it's no different to any other fangame.
    Just as I said, the main problem is the lack of interested people with certain skill level. If you divide the work to one people/group to update the tilesets/charsets, one people to update the PBS, one people to do the maps, among others, this can be very more quicker.

    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    As soon as you form a dedicated team to work on the game (which will be difficult), you create a divide between them and the community. The team will have the last word on what happens with the game, which means they can easily ignore the community if they want to. There may also be a degree of elitism about it. To me, this sounds no different from any other fangame, which I've said before is a bad way to go about this. The community as a whole ends up as nothing more than a fringe audience, and ends up not feeling very connected to the game they're supposedly helping to make, which is the opposite of what a community project should be.
    I disagree, even the biggest wikis have their teams and leaders.
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