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    Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
    Might be a good idea to put in EVs for each of your 'mons, dude.

    There's no "Restore" attack in Pokémon. I think you were referring to Recover.

    Ferrothorn is a better candidate over Roserade because of its good bulk and useful resists:
    -Spikes/Stealth Rock
    -Leech Seed
    -Power Whip
    -Gyro Ball/Thunder Wave/Protect
    Nature: Relaxed
    EVs: 252 HP/88 Def/168 SDef
    Item: Leftovers/Shed Shell

    Life Orb + 3 attacks seems tempting on Salamence, but it tends to get revenge killed if it gets stuck on Outrage. Whether you choose Dragonite or Salamence depends on if you want more survivability (Dragonite's Multiscale and good defenses) or more power (Salamence's Moxie ability and superior Speed compared to Dragonite):
    Thanks for your insight

    Sorry, They're not all on my pokecheck so I didn't know the EVs I'd used.

    About Ferrothorn: I think I'll give him a try. He not the cutest thing but he's a tough guy.

    About Starmie: Can you use the same Item on several Pokes in competitive battling?

    About the Dragons : for my style of play (and for looks) , I like Salamence better but I find the OU metagame is SOOOOO bulky that I'm reluctantly using DD Dragonite w/ Roost because he's easier to set up.
    Is Moxie the Overruling ability for DD Salamence or does Intimidate still have it's merits?

    Any Idea how this team could deal with Sub/Drain Punch? A Gallade wiped the floor with me, the other day T_T
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