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    Originally Posted by Darkrai Lv.1000 View Post
    In my process of adding new moves to my Ruby hack, I still have one problem:

    How would I go about giving these moves their own descriptions? :/
    Aren't descriptions point able in PGE? I believe so, so just write up the description in XSE using only \n and compile it (look at other move descriptions to see the character limit) then type the offset in in PGE as the description pointer.

    Will look like this:

    #Dynamic 0x800000

    #org @start
    = Hey, this is my new\nattck description!

    I'm assuming that if you're using PGE, you've edited the .ini for your new banks you needed to make to expand.

    Originally Posted by captnotatroll View Post
    It works for allowing you to see the map, but you have to do some specific event for the little icon that lets you toggle between the maps to show up.

    Also I'm not totally sure how to edit which map a location shows up in (meaning which map it defaults to showing when you use the town map item). Is there a way to edit this or is it hard-coded which maps go where into the ROM and we have to edit around that?
    Don't know about the second one, but the first is just flags. Sorry that I was confused with what you wanted, I haven't used the Town Map in a while. Anyway, the flag for the 2nd set of island is 0x846. I'll find the other one and post it later today.

    Originally Posted by dalekcaan1963 View Post
    I'm trying to do something that I assume will be very complex; pokemon have new names/ appearances/ moves ect, moves will be sometimes duplicated with their stats, effects and appearances changed, a totally new map (preferably with custom drawn squares), my own placed trainers with their own pokemon, a few different pokemon leagues, ect.

    I understand this will likely be very very difficult and I'm very new to this stuff, so where would you recommend I go to learn the basics, and beyond? I want to know where to go to become a Pokemon master ;D
    Youtube and the tutorials section my friend, that and just plain experimenting is how I learned. Also, when you get pretty good, the research and development section can have a lot to offer too. Move animations will be tough, but there is quite a bit documented on a thread by Chaos Rush, just so you know. Good Luck!

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