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Originally Posted by danaxe View Post
I'm back. Ready for nothing, and an expressionative passion for the exquisitive game known as pokemon,
Danaxe! I remember you. You really love that "-ive" suffix, eh? Haha. Welcome back, buddy.

Originally Posted by TokioHumaNeko View Post
*smiles* I'm back after god-knows-how-long it's been! And it's great to be back. <3
Hey there, Tokio. Welcome back! Three long, grueling years! Glad you came back and didn't forget about us.

Originally Posted by Musica View Post
Again, hello. -__- Sorry for the absence. Work is just too damn busy.
Don't worry about it! We all get piled up with work. Just do what you can. And welcome back.

Originally Posted by doeboy133 View Post
Hey everyone, thought i'd pop back in after a few years of absence. Trying to get back into the swing of things so if you're also returning or a new member feel free to say stop by and say hey. Especially if your around my age so I dont feel like the only 21 year old enjoying Pokemon.
Well I'm here stopping by and saying hey so hey! Not really around your age, as I'm a bit too young for you probably, but we joined PC at around the same time so that's something in common, I guess! Welcome back, Doeboy, and stick around this time.

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Yeah, have to make another announcement for slight reduced activity.

My computer will be going away for repairs, since it's pretty faulty and kept overheating/turning off on me, which has been trolling me for a while now.

It will probably be gone for around 2 weeks, meaning little-to-no access to PC unless if I use an internet cafe or something. I'm also going to be in "invisible" status during that period, which I usually do when I have a forced LoA when something like this happens. I'll still check the site for VMs and to see how everyone's doing but I'll essentially be hidden from view to non-staff until then.

If my computer is proven to be faulty, I'll probably get a brand-new computer and return to full activity very soon. Love you guys and I'll be back before you know it!

- Hikari10
Aww. Take care, Hikari. I'll be looking to the horizon until your ship reaches the shores of PC again.
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