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Which one is your favorite Act so far?
Favorite act? Man, that is hard. I'm gonna have to go with Act 5 Act 2. [S] Cascade and the events that led up to it were just amazing. No words can describe how awesome that act was. I also liked Act 4 a fair amount. It just felt like what Homestuck and the kids were all about, right before the trolls took center stage. And lots of Sburb quirkiness were in it, too. :3

beyond act 4 major spoilers
Jack Noir was a huge decoy of an archenemy though. That was my one qualm that tipped off the scale from Act 4 being my favorite to being just one of my favorites.

Now there's three candy people. candyJane, candyJake and candyRoxy. Surprisingly, Roxy's felt most natural. I don't know, it feels just like drunk Roxy that typed in all caps with HTML that I suppose took a few cans too many of Tab, haha. Not looking forward to candyDirk, oh god.

About that Caucasian into Peachy joke, I'm really not sure why he felt the need to change it, but I guess the fans are just ridiculous sometimes. I thought it was funny. Don't really care about their race or whatever. It's a webcomic.

Also guys, have you seen this? This is just hilarious. Hussie even tweeted about the original article on Yahoo, haha. Still, I really don't know how these kinds of writers get Yahoo's Writer of the Year awards, I mean what does that say about the other Yahoo writers? Not that you should take their articles seriously, but I at least had a fair amount of respect for them before, even with taking what they say with a grain of salt into the equation. Now I just, I don't know. Still, Homestuck fans can be a diverse lot. Not fair to generalize these fans in the way that the article does it, though.
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