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    Originally Posted by DahDexy View Post
    Nah, you were my first customer so you're an automatic Newbie Shopper! :D Thus, the Newbie Shopper is what you start at! Since that's what you start at Medium is 7, Dedicated is 15, and Smexy Shoppah is 30! So here are your requests. Just so you know, I didn't like the scheme of normal Typhlosion with normal Glaceon, so I did normal Typhlosion with Shiny Glaceon. I present both to you though. (I used a couple custom color that refer to Glaceon's palette) I also didn't like the shiny one so I made a combined one. (xD)
    To be honest. I like the mixed one better. And for the Houdoom... I LOVE HOW IT CAME OUT! I am very proud of how I used Bannette palette. The red is its eyes, just so you know.

    Congrats! You've obtained 7 sprites from this shop! You are now a Medium Shopper! Here is your medal:

    Your current medals:
    O3O Oh my gawrsh those sprite are SO SEXY! THANKS! I luv what you did with mixed typhlosion and houndoom :D
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