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    "Oh I hate this job." Somnium thought as he dawdled past the gates of Driftveil City, heading out into the wooded area known as Route 6. He'd been sent out here to do research about the best spots that trainers would be so Ghetsis knew where to set up his next lecture. As he ambled along the dirt path, a rustling noise caught his attention. He hid behind a bush while he waited for the rustler to reveal themselves. A few seconds later, a small flying creature came flying out of the grass, flapping about as happy as could be. "An Emolga!" he whispered, as it hovered ever so closer to him, "Ralts, you know what to do.". Suddenly Ralts walked out of the bush and up to the Emolga, who had just noticed them and was staring curiously. Then Ralts held its head before suddenly stretching its arms toward Emolga, who suddenly became shrouded in a pink aura. Ralts was sending a vision of a wonderful life of contests and happiness, where they could all live happily together. Then, on cue, Somnium stepped out from behind his bush and came up to the Emolga, who's pink aura had now faded away. "How would you like to come with us?" he asked, holding his arm out gently for it to land on. "We could enter contests together and have loads of fun. So how about it?". Emolga then flew up into the air before diving straight down onto his arm, a way of telling him that it loved the idea. "Now show me what attacks you know.". Emolga suddenly soared into the air, before charging up electricity from the air, before releasing it all around it in a flurry of sparks. He was impressed, it knew Charge AND Shock Wave! What a little superstar! However, the show wasn't over, as it suddenly flew back down to Ralts and began to swirl round and round in the air, before sending a dozen or so love hearts toward Ralts. Seeing how Ralts was unaffected, it confirmed Somnium's suspicion of Emolga being a girl, seeing how Ralts was also female. But an Emolga that knew Attract already without a TM, now THAT was something! He decided it was getting late, so he suggested both him and the Pokemon head back down to his rented out suite in Driftveil City where he could report his findings, and after a little meal, could carry on with some training outside...

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