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    Outside the Gerudo Valley
    Mirror's mirthful mouth faltered slightly, having grown in response to the scrawny little girl's approach, but the words that forced their way past her skull were nothing short of unwelcome. She always stumbled upon the midgets with attitude problems. Though, voices in her head that weren't her own were a fairly common occurrence in days gone by; an anomaly that seemed to be returning more quickly than the Twili would have liked. Everything seemed eager to share her presence, again one major difference from her own vulnerable childhood, where sharing a few minutes was more valuable than any shiny tiara.

    The little girl who forced these words into Mirror's mind was clearly not as vulnerable as she appeared. At the very least, she possessed magic, which was something the Gerudo would not tolerate potentially harming their tent or their valley; especially not a magic being used so openly. "You'd have a hard time of it," She began, as a low aura of antimagic began to emanate from her body. It would null the girl's ability to force words into her mind, and dampen whatever magic she happened to be creating, dependent on just how much energy she planned to burn to break through it. "I've tried." She offered as a jest, as she took a sip from the waterskin to demonstrate its safety and offered it to Nadia.

    Fairy feet padded over Mirror's other hand, curious about both Mirror's strange and sudden words and the staring from this curious little girl in the red cloak. She demonstrated her frustration with the situation with a brief flutter of her beautiful wings, growing more intense as she felt Mirror's antimagic wash over the area that surrounded the pair. It was like a tingling at the pit of her stomach, no less fluttering now than the first time she'd felt its sting. But now was no time to worry about mages, when her amethyst eyes settled on the little girl's red cloak again. They were gullible and ever so easy to trick, and she could probably get enough fabric from it to make her own fairy-sized cloak. If only she could get close enough

    "Don't worry about the tingling that's washing over you right now; the Gerudo are mistrustful of outsiders." Mirror explained softly, just so the little hooded girl wouldn't strike out at her from fear of what the antimagic might be. "And it's rude to interrupt their celebrations with combat magic." She continued, with another flash of her beautiful smile. "My name is Mira, and this fairy," She frowned a little at the way Thorn was staring at Nadia. "Is Thorn. Might I ask your name, young one?"