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    "WHOA!" , Jupiter cried as the Vanillite broke the pokeball, "You're mighty bro, but not as powerful as Aquaseas.. You did great Seedot, have some rest." , Jupe called back his fainted pokemon.

    "Go Aquaseas!", the Mudkip was itching for a battle. He rammed on the ice cream cone with a powerful tackle. The Vanillite took the blow and in return blasted away an icy wind.

    "Mud Mud!" , it had almost no effect on him.

    "VANNN!!!" , another blast at Aquaseas. He dodged it with relative ease and showered the Vanillite with water gun.

    "More force Aquaseas! Make his cold body the reason of his doom!" , orb after orb was flung at the weakened Vanillite. The plan was successful and Vanillite freezed inside the ice cone.

    "Go pokeball!", the
    ball hit the block and sucked inside the frozen pokemon.
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