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→ Route 30

The door creaked open after Ange had knocked, but just as it did, her Caterpie suddenly took off like wild. Ange rushed after it, the Solosis following in the air. Krissu's initial reaction was that of worry; what if the Caterpie ran into a strong pokémon that could defeat it and harm Ange? But then again... she did have her Solosis as well and there weren't many strong pokémon here anyways. So instead, Krissu turned back to the door and came face to face with a rather short, square shaped man. It wasn't that he was particularly fat, he was just... square shaped. He wore a pair of glasses and had a fedora on his head. Strange, wearing a hat inside a house. But this was a game, so maybe some characters just liked to keep their appearance up wherever they went.

"Yes?" the man asked. Then, it clicked for Krissu. She knew who he was.

"Mr Pokémon?"

"That is me! Oh, were you sent here?"

"No, I wasn't. We just ran from some Weedle and ended up here. But..." What had his role been in the old games? Krissu scratched her head and threw a glance to where Ange had run off to. "Do you, uh, need help with anything?" In MAO, quest dialogue could often by unlocked by just asking a NPC about it. It turned out that it was the case here as well.

"Actually, I could use some help! Come on inside!" the man said, cracking up into a wide smile with strangely good looking teeth.

"Hang on, I have to get my friend. Ange! Hey, Ange?" Krissu called out, half stepping inside the house. The girl didn't respond immediately, which made a shallow wave of worry wash over Krissu again. "I'll be back," she told Mr Pokémon and ran down from the porch.

Caterpie had climbed up into one of Mr Pokémon's berry trees. Just as Krissu approached, she saw a glimpse of another colored creature closing in on the green bug though... one of those Weedle!

"Watch out!" she called out and instinctively reached for one of the pokéballs from her shoulder bag. Out came Rattata and landed in between Ange and the tree. The Weedle hissed in its strangely buggy way at Caterpie, warning it to take another bite from its berries. The Weedle was there first!

"Oh my, are those bugs here again?" Mr Pokémon's voice came from behind them. "Let me go get a REPEL..." he disappeared into the house from the porch. Krissu had no intention of waiting around for him though.

"Weedle are poisonous..." she began, then got an idea. Weedle evolved into Beedrill. Those were pretty handy to have early on in a pokémon game. Now that there wasn't a whole flock of them, she could capture the yellow worm. "Can I battle it and catch it?" she asked Ange, standing beside her.
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