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When reading this, please try and throw opinions on other people and their games aside for a moment. It'll really help objectivity.

Over the course of a few years, the game development section has taken a serious decline in a sense of community. There was a time where people were a lot more supporting of others. What we see now is a complete sense of detachedness.

This is a section primarily comprised of Pokémon fan games, so when I say that, why should anybody be anything but positive to one another? It's a little silly, there used to be a sense of community and we'd all be a little more supportive. Now the community seems to be completely partitioned, and no longer are games the main view, but the "ego" behind them. From a personal point of view, I would love to go back in time and make my contribution to what I've worked on 100% anonymous, have another account post the game, update it, and that's it. There's too much focus on assumed personality, and not enough focus on supporting fan made projects.

Again, this is essentially fan art, aside from original games, the threads posted here are just edited replications of a franchise, varying in degree of customised content. In no way is that a negative thing, but a lot of people take this little corner of the game development world, far, far too seriously.

Plain and simple; people are competing instead of supporting one another. What is that? While competition between games can really drive the teams to make theirs better, it just seems as if people are looking to make "the best" game, or the "most original" game, and too often do I see the words "compared to". What you should be going for is your own thing, try make games that are fun, in your own image. Not trying to compare to the other games out there, not trying to nitpick every negative thing you can see about a "popular" fan game, simply because it has a big following. There's some fan games out there which I love, and are completely unknown, but they get great support from the people who follow it. It seems as if the more popular a game gets, the more people out there want to target it negatively.

This community isn't about who's right, who "leads" what game, who's a dick, and who's a freeloader, it's not about "who" at all. It should be about working together to support one another, helping the fan games towards completion with positivity. Now, criticism is really important, however you should learn how to give it before you do so. Before giving some, think about it as if this is your game, think about how you would like someone to give you critique, and think about how your tone and attitude towards a person may affect how the community works. When you comment on a game, the community sees it. You can be helpful, but it won't be noticed if your post isn't supportive at the same time, talk about how someone can improve their updates, rather than simply pointing out what is wrong. Also add what you do like about it so that they don't go ahead and change the entire thing, only for it to be criticised negatively again and again.

Forget about holding grudges against people, it's really immature to start judging games, the team, and the person and relaying a negative attitude against them. I personally had an awful attitude and seen how it affected people negatively, so I worked on it and realised how much better it is to be approachable.

I know this won't change the community, I never intended it to, but it would be a great thing to see people around the forum being a lot more supportive and in general, a lot less doom and gloom regarding Pokémon fan games. Don't be mean if you don't like something, it's not helpful.

I say this as a member, rather than a developer or even a staff member here. Contrary to popular belief, titles aren't important to me, and I think that's the way this community should work. We'd probably have more demos and finished games too, if people didn't throw down so much negativity. Come together a bit more, forget about the who's who and the "best" this and the "best" that. Be positive, or go away, avoid being negative or spiteful, ain't nobody got time for that.

Working together a bit more, making some friends online, and releasing fun games, that's what this section should be about.

Sorry that this one is closed, but I can already see this thread exploding into an argument. Point is, it'd be great to see some more positivity in the section, and if you have anything to contribute towards that remember you can contact Cilerba, or feel free to throw your responses at me. Hope you guys don't take this up as a slight against any of you, keep up the good work on your games and have a great day :]
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