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    That would still be considered an outside force and not something born of the Pokemon's own mind had the event not occurred.

    As for the wild Togepi, it wasn't necessarily "evil", per say. I've seen the episode (grudgingly, as I despise the Sinnoh arc) and the Togepi isn't so much "evil" as down-right spoiled. It's a cute, Baby Pokemon that knows Attract, which means it can basically get anyone to do anything for it. As such, it has seen what kind of control it has and uses it to get what it wants.

    It's comparable to a little girl who's spoiled by her father and admired by the boys at school. Because she receives constant attention and is given what she wants, she believes she can do whatever she wants to whomever she wants without repercussions. Tl;dr: A spoiled brat.

    However, such behavior isn't "evil" because it is all the child/Togepi knows. Now, if the Togpie were to have been raised ethically (We don't know that) and then carried out its mischievous actions, then it would be evil, or at least lacking good.

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