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I tend to forget them but I do use them when I both remember and see fit. It helps in my case that I've come to favour a defensive approach to battles, which is to say that burning a turn isn't likely to have dire consequences. I personally think Dire Hit is the most useful battle item for general use; most monsters can't naturally boost their critical hit ratio beyond holding a Scope Lens, which of course takes up the held item slot. At the very least, things like Cynthia's Spiritomb make a good case for carrying X Accuracies.

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The concept seems pretty good - the benefits of a stat-boosting move without having to use up a move slot - but they work out to just not be that useful. In-game, stat-boosting isn't particularly necessary, since you don't need to sweep, since the AI is dumb as a brick and switching is pretty much risk free. And competitively, when stat-boosting becomes a more desirable strategy, you can't use items anyway.
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