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    Came to check in really quick and notice these 2 problems.

    Originally Posted by loonie23 View Post
    how can i go to omni region? Blitz says that dragon something like that please help me.
    The omni region will be in Dark Rising 2. After Blitz, go through the door behind him to reach Malice Path and then to Draco Village through the building.

    Originally Posted by jstolze View Post
    Hey, DRG: I noticed a problem with the evolution of Fraxure to Haxorus. It's attack goes down, instead of going up. I checked on YAPE, and it went from 117 to 110. It should be 145 IIRC. Just throwin that out there.
    Edit: When Kirlia evolves to Gallade, it's Level goes up by a bit. I went to YAPE again, and the EXP rates do not match. Gallade's EXP Growth should be 1,250,000.
    Haxorus stats and Gallade exp growth have been fixed in the latest update. Everyone be sure to download it until I return. Thank You.