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    Originally Posted by DoesntKnowHowToPlay View Post

    I'm sure this has been pointed out before, but Pikachu is missing its head.

    However nice these grass tiles may look normally, they look *very bad* when the player is walking through them.

    Considering that this battle comes with no warning in the first area before you have Pokeballs, it should probably be toned down- that damage was from a single Weather Ball at full HP.

    I got lucky with the RNG so this battle wasn't as difficult but I still think it's rather silly to demand the player to defeat level 12s with Intimidate before getting Pokeballs, to say nothing of the fact that you gave the Axew line Intimidate...

    This is about as nonsensical as it gets for an area transition. Who sets up shop in a cave?

    Every part of this encounter is soul-crushingly awful- the protagonist being railroaded into being an idiot with badly written dialogue is one thing, but then having a tutorial advise the player to use "strategy" in the face of a railroaded level 50 battle is insulting. Up to this point there have been zero opportunities to use any strategy whatsoever, as the player is not able to catch any other Pokemon, acquire any renewable items, or use moves other than Sand-Attack, Tackle, and Bite. The fact that the protagonist is both the tall opposite of silent and an idiot does not help.

    I really don't have much motivation to play beyond this point, other than to continue poking holes in it- the writing is painful to read, the maps are a mess, and the game itself looks to be an poorly balanced and actively hostile grind.
    The reason why you probably haven't heard anyone else critisize about these issues before is the fact the people who actually care didn't bother writing anything about it.

    I personally tested this hack in Vizzed and couldn't help noticing all the things that were also pointed out here; several tile errors and bad planning at some point of the game. For instance the way you encounter that teacher using Roselia there, it shouldn't happen so you're forced to fight her, especially not because she will totally beat you up if you aren't well-prepared to face her.
    It could have simply been implemented so that you could choose either YES or NO and that way, actually control the actions of the main character.

    About that mart being there in the cave, I guess it makes sense because you have to get "Oak's Parcel" or whatever replaces it in this hack. Should have been implemented some other way, if possible.

    Then the Tornadus battle... I can't remember what I was thinking when I had to face it. I probably laughed actually, it felt something so silly. Why should you have to face a level 50 Tornadus in the beginning of the game? If you want that to happen, go ahead but a battle like this one would have required modifying the text shown during those "introductions of battle strategies" at least.

    All in all, this is not a bad hack at all (although I made it to sound like that). There are of course many good things about it as well. But just pointing out that there are several issues with it that should be fixed to make it reasonable at times.

    As advice though; if you're not going to fix these issues, try to do the job better with DR2. Loaning the words of the guy who I quoted, this is actually an important thing to keep in mind; "The fact that the protagonist is both the tall opposite of silent and an idiot does not help.". There are times when you actually should make the protagonist talk!

    In a game that diverts from the original pokemon typish gameplay like this does, you should consider making the main character talk during the cutscenes like this one here. They do that in almost every RPG game there, I might even say pokemon is one of the few exceptions where the main character doesn't normally talk and it's not like a rom hack must follow the same path.

    All that being said, I didn't come here to shout "how bad this hack is". No. I personally wouldn't want to see someone to do the same thing with my hack.
    But the thing is there are lots of things there that should be improved if you wanted the hack to be good and actually fun to be played.

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