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Welcome to the forum, Candanosa! Pleasure to meet you! :D

Great to hear you still remembered us after all these years; makes me pretty happy. ^^ If you like to draw and write, how about stopping by our Art & Design and Fanfiction & Writing sections and participate in those sometime? I'm sure you'll get a fair bit of feedback on all your work. Can't speak as much for the writing section since I don't frequent it as much as art, but from what I've seen when browsing they're both pretty great parts of the site with a lot of helpful regulars. :3 Make sure to poke me if you do post a thread in any of those sections - I'll make sure to look at what you have to show us and reply. What kinds of art and writing are you into? I find digital art to be my forte but third and first-person stories are also something I enjoy doing quite a lot.

I truly hope you do have as much fun here now as you did before, though I'm sure that won't be a problem. There'll always be people here with similar interests to you (outside being Pokemon fans) since the community is just that huge, so you'll be on your way to making friends soon. <3 Just... try not to disappear again! We love active members and perhaps you'll evolve into an active regular soon in the future. But regardless of whether or not you can be active or not, you'll be welcome back here. Remember to give the rules a read again, though I'm sure you already know that. Worth reminding you, though~

Enjoy your stay on the forum and hope to see you posting around! You can always contact me or Cid if you need help with anything here! :3

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