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Fvaourite of each type:

Normal: Bibarel as it was my strongest poke on my Diamond game!
Grass: Torterra as it was my first Grass type starter I chose in the beginning!
Fire: Emboar as it was my first Fire Type Starter I chose in the beginning!
Water: Muskip as it's cute and is immune to electric attacks (An dno-one crack the joke. NO-ONE...)
Electric: Zebstrika as it's REALLY strong in my opinion!
Bug: Shedninja due to it's usefull ability!
Poison: Crobat since I think it's REALLY cool!
Flying: MOltres as I just love it's power!
Steel: Steelix as it was my first ever Steel type!
Dark: Sableye because of it's lack of weaknesses!
Rock: Shuckle because of it's high defense!
Ground: Garchomp as it's my fave pokemon!
Ghost: Misdreavus as it looks amazing!
Psychic: Gallade because of it's usefullness in capturing pokemon!
Dragon: Dratini as I love shiny Dragonite!
Ice: Spheal as it's so cute!
Fighting: Tyrogue as it has many evolutions!

White 2: