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    Originally Posted by Riansky View Post
    Hello guys. Yeah I'm still there and I'm still working on the game. We have been through hard times updating the game style because I was not really happ with it. I'm still not finished with all the updates speaking of maps but I'm almost there. First post will get updated asap because there were many changes in the story and also the name. Meanwhille there is a sneak peek of some of the updates:

    The overworld is just temporarly, I'm not good at desinging overworlds so it will be nice having someone do that. Hope you like it anyway!
    I'll help with overworlds?
    I've been meaning to get back into practice, to me, this'll be the perfect way to practice.
    Of course I need some concept art, or sprites to refer too.

    PM if your intrested?
    I believe you've watched me on dA.
    Look in my Overworld folder for proof Of Work. Bare in mind I am alot better than those ones.
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