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    As Rafeal said, you do have a lot of characters. Your main traveling party is at least twenty characters to juggle, if you don't count the other Pokemon that weren't listed. Plus you have the six Team Rocket Galactic members to introduce, along with N and Trip. That's a lot of characters to have a comfortable handle on. Each one of them needs to have their story told throughout the plot, and to not feel like an unnecessary addition. You should really ask if every one of those characters needs to be in the story. I know you like Lucario and Sir Aaron, but do they have a plot reason to be in the story, or do you want to add them just because you like them?
    First, N and Trip's introductions will be the same from the anime with a little more character development. Second, Team Rocket Galactic is a bunch of new members hired by Giovanni.

    It's the same with the legendary Pokemon that will be in the team. Do they have a plot reason to travel around with these kids? Or do you just want to write in some legendaries? Remember that since you're writing with a lot of anime characters, you're writing in the anime universe. In that universe, legendary Pokemon are seen as gods. It's not like in the games where any kid can catch one in a Pokeball. In the anime universe, catching legendaries and having them with a trainer can cause serious consequences (depending on who the legendary is). Also, a lot of people are going to be targeting your characters to get their legendary Pokemon. Max, a beginning trainer, won't be exactly safe if someone attacks him alone to get Jirachi.
    You may have a point about legendaries, especially Max and Jirachi. I'll need some help with the legendary pokemon traveling thing.

    Which region are you planning on writing in? I ask because you mention Team Plasma being around and the Unova League. But then there's a team around in homage to Team Galactic from Sinnoh, and then you're changing Orre around. What's the story that you're planning on telling, and where does it need to take place?
    The region is Orre, and by new ones, I mean a lot of custom-made Pokemon. Fanmade ones, that is. The story in Orre, however, that's gonna be tricky. But all I know is that Team Snagem will be involved. A whole new Team Snagem, that is, as Orre would take place way after Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

    Orre's famous for not having wild Pokemon. The climate doesn't support them. Unless you mean that trainers have Pokemon from other regions, which is fine.
    Ah, but the kami trio will help the climate get better.

    This project seems really kind of big, and being too big, it might be too messy to write comfortably. Maybe rethink and tighten the amount of characters, the region, and the plot so that it's smaller. Because not only are over thirty characters a lot for a writer to handle, it's also a lot for a reader to keep in mind, and they'd get confused about who is who and what's going on.
    I'm sure I'll think of something. With help from my friends who are in on this project, of course.

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