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dear anonymous,

taking a break away from the internet for a week because of you has really opened my eyes a lot. i'm done being the one to always make the effort and i'm sick of you using me. if you wanna talk to me go ahead, i've had enough of it always being me starting it. oh and good luck finding someone else that cares, seeing as you're always putting up on Twitter that you wish someone cared when you KNOW that i care and have for a year. i'm never done asking you if you're okay and then you go and post that no one cares?.... you tell me to ignore it but how the **** can i when it's there?! this past year i've had to deal with this, and it's really hurt me.. soooo i'm done getting even more attached to you than i already am... time to emotionally unattach myself from you. x___x but learn to appreciate what you have... or it'll be what you had... and you'll regret it...

dear annoymous,

can you please stop coming on to me everytime you break up with someone. i know i'm your rebounder and all but i've already made it clear i don't wanna be with you. it annoys me though how when you're with someone you ditch me and then when you're not with someone you keep trying to ask me out when i just want friendship. having dealt with this for nearly two years, it's starting to annoy me.