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Originally Posted by kingofbluesteel View Post
it says the base power of foul play is 95 is that only if the attack of the other is higher?
Simply put, Foul Play uses the opponent's Attack stat to calculate damage, not Krookodile's. Most Ghost/Psychic 'mons (both types are weak to Dark) have low Attack, making it near useless, making Crunch the better option (as it uses Krookodile's own naturally high Attack). However, Foul Play sees merit in using the high Attack stat of Pokémon that don't resist Dark against them, like Haxorus.

Don't let Foul Play's 95 base power fool you; Crunch is still the reliable Dark STAB to have on Krookodile. Speaking of Foul Play itself, only Sableye and Umbreon can use it effectively, as they lack true offensive presence on their own.