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    Jercio Shade (Jason)

    Jercio was now set in training his pokemon to use more then just the knowledge he had from the games, but to involve every new aspect MAO added. Stats, move sets, and abilities would mean nothing with out a solid strategy which included all the mechanics of a full on battle. Feeling he could keep his pokemon training anywhere Jercio picked back up and headed to Violet City. He was already at the top end of route thirty, and the short route thirty one was no issue. It was exactly what Jason planned for. Jercio was in perfect shape for long hikes and things like this. Jason knew it was all him. Jercio was pretty much his twin. Though he hadn’t really thought of it the biggest difference between him and his avatar was an inch or two of height and the clothes they wore. For the entirety of route thirty one this thought was his only one as he debated using his avatar name.

    Jason’s absentmindedness almost got him into a bit of trouble about halfway through route thirty one. While he was off in his own mind he bumped into a random young trainer, muttered sorry, and went on his way. Luckily the trainer was another player otherwise he could have gotten into a battle he didn’t want to start. Jason wanted to perfect his plans before getting into the serious battles. He did allow Witor to pick off the one or two Bellsprout who popped up on the route, and Hurek to take out a Sunkern, but besides that didn’t go looking for battles.

    Violet was your generic pokemon city, in Jason’s opinion. A flare of Japanese design was added into almost everything. He was curious how the designers picked to add all these things to the game. In the old versions cities had only a couple buildings, but this was a full on city. Jason chuckled to himself as he considered going into random housing and seeing if he could take everything. He decided against it, and instead went looking to try and find some lunch. Perhaps he didn’t really need food, but his mind seemed to want some.

    ((ok not so interesting maybe next time))