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Originally Posted by InfectedBeast View Post
I don't know what RNG abuse means exactly but I breed flawless pokemon by making 2 perfect single stat pokemon, breed them together to make a perfect double stat, make another perfect double stat, and then I breed both perfect doubles to make one triple perfect , breed another triple perfect, breed those two perfect triples to make a perfect quad and so on and so forth, til I get a flawless pokemon.. Verrrrry time consuming.

(Mind telling me what RNG abuse means? >.<)
RNG abuse is manipulating the game's pseudo random generator to get desirable results. Basically, what you're saying that you can do is this thread is highly improbable and very unlikely. I approved your thread because I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, but my better judgment might have gotten the best of me.

Please trade with me three of your Pokemon so I can examine them.