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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
I wonder where she could be though? Does she have another villa? @___@;; Well, she does strike me as the rich type.. xD

Though, that's kind of interesting though; we've seen Cynthia a lot, and she can have the potiental to be in this game... I wonder why?
Cynthia showing up in <insert new region name here> with another villa would seem too recycled in my opinion. Especially considering it was done in the generation preceding X and Y. I would hope that if they do bring her back again, then she somehow has something to do with the history of the region since she's into that kind of thing. Then maybe post-game we can find her in a certain location and have a battle with her.

Truth be told, I feel like they've made as much use of Cynthia as they could for the past two generations to the point where her era should end alongside the DS systems.
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