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    Suitable for teens, 13 years and older, with some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes.

    The Emerald of Resurrection
    By Candanosa

    Chapter 1.

    Riding on the back of his Lapras, Oliver looked to the structures ahead. The skyscrapers seemed as if they were emerging from the deep, blue sea as they came closer to the city. As Oliver stretched his arms, a flash of red light emerged from his belt taking the shape of a Charmander.

    “We are almost there,” said Oliver.

    His Charmander let out a joyful cry.

    “Can you believe how long it has been? This is the place where we met for the first time.”

    Charmander walked toward Oliver and hugged his leg.

    “Mom will be surprised to see that you have not evolved,” said Oliver with a smile. “Only I have changed. I’m not just alittle boy anymore.” He looked at his reflection in the water; his once round, chubby face was now adorned by a more defined jaw line. His eyebrows were more prominent, his eyes showed a determination that can only be obtained through years of hard work and many battles. His black hair was under a cap that he hadbought three years ago in Lumia City. It was a bit large for his head then, but now it fitted perfectly. “I can’t wait to see how everyone has changed.”

    Lapras swam toward the port and Oliver hoped off. “Return, Lapras. Thank you for your help.” He walked up a white, stone staircase and saw a sight that he had not seen in years. Although his town had changed into a small city, everything seemed familiar. A sense of nostalgia took over him. The old candy shop was still were it had been before he left. The Pokemon Center was still there, although it now had automatic doors and a helicopter landing zone. Oliver ran down a pebble stone street with all his strength. Around the corner, he saw it. The lightblue walls, white fence and Sunflora in the front lawn. His house was one of the things that had not changed at all.

    “Look at it, Char,” Oliver said with excitement.

    Charmander hopped on Oliver’s back and climbed to his shoulder.

    The sky was blue,the clouds resembles giant mountains of cotton. It was the perfect day in Crescent City. Oliver walked into the house with a big smile on his face, bu this happiness was short lived. Inside his house, a group of detectives were tearing the house apart. Officer Jenny approached Oliver and waved him out.

    “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

    “Why?” asked Oliver.“What’s going on here.”

    “This is a crime scene, sir. Please step outside.”

    Officer Jenny’s word hit Oliver like a train. “Say, what? A crime scene?” he tried to run inside the house again, but a Growlithe block his way.

    “Sir, I won’t ask you again. This is a crime scene, please lea—”

    A man dressed in white interrupted Officer Jenny. “Ma’am, we found something,” said the man holding a small back with a green shard inside of it. “We believe that it’s afragment of what we are looking for, but we are not completely sure.”

    “Well, make sure,”ordered Officer Jenny in a cold, sharp voice.

    “Yes, ma’am,”replied the man in white and walked away.

    Oliver was standing at the door; his eyes showed despair. “Please, tell me what’s going on. Where is my mother?” he managed in shaky voice.

    Officer Jenny sighed. “Seeing as you apparently live here, I guess I have no choice but to tell you.”

    “Tell me what?”

    Charmander grabbed Oliver’s jeans and looked up at him.

    “The woman that lived in this house has gone missing.”

    “My mom has gone missing?” Anthony said back in a raised voice.

    “She’s not the only one, kid,” Officer Jenny continued. “Others have gone missing this past week.We are not entirely sure how this happened, but there seems to be no forceful entry into any of the houses. No valuables were stolen and all house-Pokemonhave been spared.”

    “Did the Pokemon see anything?” Oliver asked.”

    “None of them seems to know what happened,” said Officer Jenny, thrusting her hand into her pocket. “Does this mean anything to you?” she showed Oliver a piece of green rock, similar to what the man in the white had in the bag.

    “No,” answered Oliver. “What is it?”

    “It seems to be somesort of emerald, but after close examination, we found that it’s onlys ixty-five percent identical to regular emerald at the molecular level.”

    “What does that mean?”

    “It means that although it may seem to be an emerald, it’s not. Almost half of this shard is made of something else—a material that we can’t identify.”

    ‘“I see,” said Oliver. “I want to help you in the investigation.

    “Impossible,”Officer Jenny shook her head. “I cannot allow a kid to get in the way or to be in danger.”

    “I’m not a kid,”Oliver fired back. “Besides, my mom is missing, so either you allow me to investigate with you, or I will investigate on my own. Either way, I will try to find her.”

    Officer Jenny was silent for a moment. Oliver looked at her through eyes full of determination.

    I guess he won’t let it go so easily. She thought. After a few moments, she opened her mouth and spoke in a hushed tone. “Fine,I’ll let you join me.”
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