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    My username is Darklix- as you can see
    If we choose partner Pokemon then I would choose axew.
    I love the dragon type Pokemon. Most of them start out cute and then they look more deadly haha. Like charmander, deino, and axew.
    In my heart, the perfect dragon Pokemon is charzard. He was just a classic from the start and I loved him ever since. That was a tough choice for me as I love almost all Dragon pokemon so I can't really say one Pokemon is the most perfect or imperfect dragon type.
    I really hope I can join this club. Thank you!!!!

    Edit: I just realized I answered the wrong topic. I don't understand what you mean by "what happened to them" white and black 2 mascots are dragons and that's the newest game that came out.(I'm pretty sure they are, I haven't finished the game yet, but the first white and black mascot pokemon are.) I wouldn't mind if the next legendary Pokemon were dragons or not though. We did get our fair share of dragon legendary/mascot Pokemon :p