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    Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
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    Dr. Fuji, just wondering, I have a friend who's XSE constantly crashed on opening. I sent him my perfectly working .ini, which had auto-update off, and it still continued to crash. We even replaced his XSE.exe too. So, are there any specific things XSE requires, like .dll files or the .net framework?

    I ended up installing all the .dll's and .net frameworks associated with rom hacking before ever getting XSE so I have no idea whether having them or not changed anything.
    Is he using a Mac? If he is then he will have to use Wine so it can emulate a Windows OS. If he is using a Windows OS then it will be more complicated. Does he receive any message about the crash when it happens, like a runtime error or something? If he is getting it some sort of information then I would try going on that. It could also be a permission error but frankly I have absolutely no idea

    I don't think it requires any specific .dll or .net since I can't remember XSE crashing for me since getting it years ago (apart from changing the AutoUpdate=1) even though it was one of the things I downloaded first. I'm not very experienced when it comes to dealing with a serious internal problem like that nor do I have an insight into what it needs to run - I'm just throwing ideas into the air right now haha.
    He didn't say anything about an error, and he said he was going to try an emulate another pc on his, so he might be using a mac. I didn't even think to ask. I'll get some more info and post. Thanks.

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