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I'm looking to isolate how FireRed makes the "previously on your quest" in black and white. This way, we could use it in other things from making flashbacks to making a whole hack about restoring color. How would I go about trying to do that?

I know that there are several special commands that it uses to make the "previously on your quest", but I haven't been able to find where it is in the rom by searching for them. Any help is welcome, even if it's just a guess.

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When I insert saved maps on Advance Map that I've made in the past, it'll save just fine, but then when I try to go to the next area (from Pallet Town to Route 1) the border block from Pallet is cutting off the path with trees that I can't get past, but then when I check the connections, it looks perfectly fine. Can someone help me out?

I've had this problem before once or twice, never quite figured out what caused it, but I ended up just creating a new map bank and transfering those maps into there and it worked fine.

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