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I'm just going to give a list of winners off the top of my head:

Lord of the Rings trilogy
Fight Club
The Big Lebowski
Boiler Room
Star Wars Original Trilogy
Ninja Scroll
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Big Trouble in Little China
Seven Psychopaths
The Hangover
Rambo First Blood
The Evil Dead series
Shaun of the Dead
Dead Alive
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Blazing Saddles (actually, pretty much all Mel Brooks movies, but this one's my favorite)
Star Trek (2009)
The Dark Knight
Oldboy (kudos to the OP for liking this one)
Back to the Future
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Dead Poet Society
Saving Private Ryan
Highlander the Search for Vengeance
Independence Day

And the following Bond movies:

- Dr. No
- From Russia With Love
- Goldfinger
- Thunderball
- You Only Live Twice
- On Her Majesty's Secret Service
- The Spy Who Loved Me
- For Your Eyes Only
- The Living Daylights
- License to Kill
- GoldenEye
- Tomorrow Never Dies
- Casino Royale
- Skyfall
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